Extremely bad images with B0196

I’ve been trying to correctly use an IMX219 camera with USB2.0 (fix focus) for two days. But it is impossible, I have turned the sensor to both sides and I never get a clear image. Also the image is very dark and has artifacts.

I use the camera via USB on the raspberry PI because at the same time I have a ToF connected via CSI-2. Could this be affecting you?

PD: I have the same output using the computer and another IMX219.

EDIT: I have 3 IMX219 cameras. Two of them with fixed focus (also with so many tests I think the screw thread has broken because they are no longer able to focus anymore). It can’t be that I’m damaging two cameras with this problem!

Another has a manual focus, I have adjusted it by hand. But it seems that depending on when I turn on the camera (totally random) I get an image with more or less blur.

It can’t be that I get these results, arducam is supposed to be of industrial quality and for now the only thing I’ve had are 2 broken cameras and a usb that doesn’t work.

See the following examples (pay attention on the markers)


Sorry for the bad experience.
Have you tried to access the camera by using AMcap on Windows OS?

Sorry for the delay, I don’t have Windows and had to ask for one. It actually works fine with the program. But it only works once I select the Video Capture Pin (before it looks weird). It looks like that sets the camera.
On the other hand, when I connect it to the rp4, it always looks bad.

I’m almost sure it’s due to a bad camera or driver configuration when it’s on the rp4.

I am also using an arducam ToF camera at the same time (with all the drivers installed).