External trigger support - Arducam OV9281 USB Camera Evaluatiion Kit


I bought a few Arducam OV9281 1MP Global Shutter USB Camera Evaluation Kits from Uctronics to build a multicamera system connected to a PC and triggered externally. However the External_trigger_demo on Windows shows the following message: “Usb board firmware version not support single mode.” Is it possible that my boards don’t use the correct/newest firmware?



Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you.

Please try to make the camera work on streaming mode. Then you can start the external trigger mode form the Arducam USB Shield Board.


Thanks for the reply. The camera is already working in streaming mode on the same machine. I’ve built the Streaming_demo and I can see the preview window when running it.

You are welcome.

Let me know if you need more help.


Hi, unfortunately i didn’t solve the problem :slight_smile: The Streaming_demo is working, but when I start External_trigger_demo I still see the message: “Usb board firmware version not support single mode.” Both on Linux and Windows. Could you please take a look at this? Thanks

Would you please let me know your hardware setup and wiring?

I guess you are using the Arducam USB3 camera shield with MIPI adapter board+OV9281, right?

For global shutter camera, you have to use streaming demo code, and config the camera as trigger mode, so that the camera can be externally triggered by your signal. Then you can read the frames using the streaming demo code.

Hi Lee,

Thank you for the answer and for the advice to use the streaming mode. I missed it in the documentation, sorry…

I made some progress today and were able to trigger the camera. I achieved this by adding the following lines to one of the config files:

REG = 0x4F00, 0x01
REG = 0x3030, 0x04
REG = 0x303F, 0x01
REG = 0x302C, 0x00
REG = 0x302F, 0x7F
REG = 0x3823, 0x00
REG = 0x0100, 0x00

I’ve found it in the code linked in this post. It seems to work, but it would be great, if you could explain me what this settings do, so I can understand, why the camera reacts to the trigger now and I have a little bit more control over it.

Thank you

My Hardware:

TinyPico - Camera
3.3V - VCC
Trigger - FSIN