Expected ETA for upstream Arducam driver to Libcamera

Hi @Edward,

Is there an expected time for the integration of Arducam’s libcamera_apps libcamera_dev to Official RPI libcamera?

Cannot install nor use picamera2 bundled with latests Bullseye images, because packaging issues (two different versions of libcamera, and so on).
Does RaspberryPi/Libcamera accept plugins to extend capabilities to unregistered cameras? That way, Arducam can preserve their own sources (in case are not publicly available) whilst letting upstream libcamera be installed freely (and updates, patches and so on)


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We also had the idea of making a plug-in before, and we currently have plans to optimize towards this solution, but there are still some problems that have caused this matter to be suspended.
Some other users also think that our current libcamera update method is troublesome, so I think it is necessary to optimize this process. I can’t give an exact time, but I will try to find a way to solve this problem.

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