Error getting camera instance with Arducam 12MP*2 Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit

I am facing some issues with the initialization of the camera through the use of arducam_mipicamera library. (I am coding with
My application requires me to switch between capturing low resolution (640 x 480) images which is not supported by the current mipicamera library hence i have to make use of raspistill / raspicam to capture the low resolution images and using the mipicamera library to capture high resolution images (8112 x 3040).
The reason for requiring both resolution is because i need a high frame rate to detect a moving object at low resolution. And after the object is detected, capture a high resolution image to find certain features on the object.

My flow is as follows

  1. Initialize rapspicam camera
  2. Capture image
  3. Detect an object
  4. If object detected → release rapiscam camera
  5. Initalize arducam
  6. Capture image
  7. Perform further processing
  8. Release arducam
  9. Return to 1.

After running the cycle about 120 times, the arducam camera will fail to initialize : (arducam_init_camera(&camera instance) will return an error).

May i know if i am doing something wrong here? or why would the camera fail to initialize only after 100+ cycles?