Dual 16mp Cameras on pi zero

Hello there. does anyone know if there are any arducam multiplexers for the pi zero and pi zero 2 that support 16 mp cameras, more specifically the recently released 16mp AF cameras by arducam? I know arducam offers modules that can support two 8mp modules, however I am not sure if two 16mp cameras are supported, even if they are supported unofficially as I haven’t been able to find any test footage or documentation of using two 16mp arducam cams on a multiplexer for the pi 2 zero

I would also like to mention that my use case for two cameras isnt limited to just the pi zero sbc, however I would like to use a pi zero or an sbc with similar size and equal or better image processing capability.


Hi, @ThatThylaColeo

At present, there is no Dual 16MP camera. We have Arducam 16MP AutoFocus Quad-Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi.