Driver v4l2 for L4T 34.1, jetson xavier nx

From 1. Camera Driver Installation - Arducam :
If you can’t find a driver package matching your kernel version, please contact Arducam to update that.

uname -a
Linux Xavier 5.10.65-tegra

cat /etc/nv_tegra_release
#R34 (release), REVISION: 1.0, …

Hi @romain
This is a major change and we may take longer than usual to adapt to it.

Hello @wong

Thanks for your reply. Would it be possible to have an estimate of the release date of this driver ?


Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact release date, but I’d estimate it should be done by mid-May.

Hi @wong,

Any update regarding the advancement on the driver release ?


Thanks for your question,
Unfortunately, we have a problem with the adaptation, we can’t solve it yet, we have seen many of the same problems on the nvidia forums, not sure how to solve it, we are preparing to test the updated L4T34.1.1

@wong, regarding the adaptation problems, would your team consider open sourcing this kernel driver? Some of us would be motivated to help with the adaptation to newer kernel versions. It might save your team some time and effort in the long run

Hi @wong,

What is the current status of the driver release for L4T34.1.1 ?


hi, @romain

We have released the Arducam driver installation package for L4T34.1.1 system. You can install it by installing the script.

But there may be some potential problems, you can use it as a test.

Hi @yang,

Thank you for the release! What are the potential problems you are talking about ?


Frame rate may not be up to standard. This is due to an issue with the L4T34.1.1 system.

After we consulted with NVIDIA’s official engineers, the solution they provided was to lower the pixel clock, but this would result in lower frame rates.