Delay on OV9281

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Jetson Nano Development Kit
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I am trying to publish camera images over a ROS topic on Jetson Nano (with OV9281 global shutter camera). The total frame read and publish/conversion times are about 15ms. The frame format is [email protected] in gray mode. The software publishes over the camera topic at about 20Hz without any problems.

However, there is a time delay between the captured image and the real movements when I check the frames via rqt_image_view.

How can I reduce the delay? What can be the problem?


Note: Opencv + v4l2 api is used to capture the images.


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Mert Turanli

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How can I reduce the delay between the motion and captured image?


I managed to solve the issue by increasing the frame rate and giving hardware trigger signal from FSIN pin.

However, after a number of frames, the camera stops and I get the following error:


[ WARN:0] VIDEOIO(V4L2:/dev/video0): select() timeout.


Note: The hardware trigger signal is 3.3V, with 10ms period and 10us pulse (like the one mentioned here: Also, I used a BC547 with 3.3 kOhms base resistor connected to jetson nano. The collector is wired to 3.3V with a 330 ohms. The ground is connected to emitter. The output signal was pulse with 3.3V peak which I checked with an oscilloscope.



Any help would be appreciated.


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I am also experiencing similar issues with this camera. I’d love to know if you get anywhere with this issue.