Delay on OV5647 Camera for Jetson Nano

I installed your OV5647 camera module for Jetson nano and driver for it.

I tested capturing image by running the example python codes from you git repository.

There was a big delay between showing image from example code and real movement.

Could you know how to reduce the delay?

My Jetson Nano is B01 and I checked kernel version and installed the driver accordingly, arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel_4.9.140-32.4.3-20200716095813_arm64.deb.

I ran the example code like this
$ python3 -d 0 --width 2592 --height 1944


Hi @yeongrok ,

It seems to be a display performance problem. If I scale the image to 640x480, the speed will be significantly improved.