CSI - HDMI (HQ Camera) Mount

HQ Camera with CSI - HDMI mounting

Above is the CSI - HDMI mounting I built. It was worth the effort.

I layed out the hole patterns for the HQ camera board and the CSI-HDI boards and created an STL file using Tinkercad.

The HQ camera is complimented with te Arducam tripod and CS to Norkon adapter. Thats a 28 mm (old) Nikor F2.8. (Great images)

CSI-HDMI adapter plate

I there is interest I will provide construction details and an STL file for 3D printing


Hello @Bills,

Thank you for sharing your great idea! It really makes the whole setup neat for the HQ camera.

Actually we were having the same idea about building this CSI-HDMI mount, but we wanted to put the camera board and the mount board in an enclosure. However, that is a little bit challenging with the official Raspberry Pi HQ camera module, so we’ve built our own version of the IMX477 camera. But anyway your design is better for those who have already had the official HQ camera with our CSI-HDMI Adapter.

Hi Lee,

The Arducam HQ in a case is an elegant solution. Based on your pricing the case is “free” based on the components in the budle.

A product I would like to see would be a CSI - HDMI chassis mount. A “low profile” device would be a big draw with hobbyists and developers.


Hi BillS,
Nicely done! I would like your TSL file for this mount if you’re still willing to share it. I just started experimenting with making a visual inspection system and your design would help tidy up my set up.