Controlling I2C autofocus lens via UVC USB2.0 module

I have an ArduCAM IMX219 with autofocus lens, which is plugged into an ArduCAM UVC USB2.0 module. I would like to manually control the lens like I can when using the same sensor module with the RPi breakout board.

Is there a way to do this?


I discussed your idea with my colleague.
We cannot guarantee the feasibility of doing so, you can try

Update, made it work.

Platform: macOS 12.4 (Monterey)



  1. Open the camera stream with whatever software is appropriate (I used PhotoBooth)
  2. Use uvc-util -d to list the devices. Assuming that the camera we want to us is index 0
  3. uvc-util -I 0 -s focus-abs=1 (for one focus extreme)
  4. uvc-util -I 0 -s focus-abs=1024 (for the other focus extreme)