Connecting DLP2000EVM projector along with multi-camera adapter board on same Pi

Hello! Hope you are having an amazing day.

I want to connect DLP2000EVM projector to Pi and also multi-camera adapter v2.2 on the same Pi.

  1. Is it possible to connect them both with available pins on Pi?

  2. Whether it is possible to connect both using jumper wires? Because in the multi-camera adapter manual, it is recommended to connect the adapter to the board. It says adapter will use 3 GPIOs, and I don’t know what it means.

  3. Is there are any other efficient ways to connect both of them on the same Pi Board and run them successfully.

  4. how many pins does the multi-camera adapter take on Pi to run two MIPI cameras? How much pins will be left to connect DLP2000EVm?

Thanks in Advance