Connect the IMX477 HQ camera for Jetson to Raspberry Pi 3B+ or Pi 4

1.Which seller did you purchase the product(s) from?
2.The Model number of the product(s) you have purchased?
3.Which Platform are you using the product(s) on?
Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B
4.Which instruction are you following?

5.Has your product ever worked properly?
Never worked
6.What problems are you experiencing?
Is it possible to connect the IMX477 HQ camera for Jetson to Raspberry Pi 3B + or Pi 4? B0251 for example.

In any way, perhaps through some kind of adapter, for example, through the MIPI interface?

What is the difference between the MIPI camera modules for Jetson and Raspberry Pi? Well, except that the Raspberry Pi can only have two lines.

If possible, please specify. When checking on Pi 4, the camera is detected but does not work with the same error about insufficient memory, even if 512Mb is allocated to the video core.
7.What attempts at troubleshooting have you already made?

8.How would you like us to help you?
answer my question


The camera is 2 lanes but the IMX477 HQ camera for Jetson can’t used on RPI directly. Due to on rpi platform, it need encryption verification, the camera used by jetson does not have an encryption chip.