Config file for OV9281, 640x400, RAW8, 8bit, 120fps

I’m trying to modify OV9281_MIPI_1Lane_RAW8_1280x800_40fps.cfg to change the sensor mode to 640x400 @ 120fps.
But I had no success for now.

I may perhaps go to the OV7251 sensor to get higher speed but I don’t see in the Arducam product list any module with M12 lens holder which is a must for me.

Hi @ronac
We do not recommend that you modify the configuration file yourself.
This requires some professional knowledge and datasheet (which may not be easy to obtain).
Can you tell me your product number?
For example, SKU, order number, purchase link or photo.

I indeed do not have the datasheet where are written the regs specifications. It is a pity Omnivision do not provide public document for that. I would be so pleased to modify the sensor configuration as it is possible to do with an OpenMV cam (ROI, …).
The product is B0224.

In fact, what I care about is the version of the USB shield,
so that I can provide you with the corresponding configuration.

Sorry. How can I missed to describe my USB shield?
Now there it is: The USB shield is SKU: B0317 - " ArduCAM USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus" - UC-593 Rev.C

This is the configuration of [email protected] (in fact, it can reach 210fps at the fastest, you can set it through the control)
OV9281_MIPI_1Lane_RAW8_640x400_120fps.cfg (11.3 KB)

:+1: Thank you.
It seems OK. I will play with it and report if any issues.

May I have trigger mode too?
OV9281_MIPI_1Lane_RAW10_8b_640x400_trig for the USB3.0_UC-593 Rev.C
OV9281_MIPI_1Lane_RAW10_8b_640x400_trig for the USB2.0_UC-391_Rev.E

Hi @ronac

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with the above configuration, you need to contact our [email protected] for a customized request.

There is a file referenced as OV9281_MIPI_2Lane_RAW8_1280x800_ext.cfg in
Hardware Trigger with External Signal (Featuring Multiple OV9281 Global Shutter Camera) - Arducam
But I can’t find it in the Config directory.


It seems to have no reference value.