compile error

help me please


We have updated our code. Please download our new code and retry

The same problem occurs.

The same problem occurs.


Oh! Sorry. Due to my negligence, I forgot to delete a compilation option without a source file. I optimized it just now. Please try it again.

model : RPI Compute Module 3+

OS : Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS

error : Open camera…
init camera status = 4099

Open camera…
init camera status = 4099


It is another issue. It is due to the current library does not support a02100 hardware version.

I have added the a02100 version support just now. Please download our new library to retry and let me know if you need more help.


The same problem occurs.


Have you try the preview-camera0 demo?


For the CM3 mode, we shoud remap i2c interface definition. You can see the detail definition in the preview-camera0 demo.

struct camera_interface cam_interface = {
.i2c_bus = 0, // /dev/i2c-0 or /dev/i2c-1
.camera_num = 0, // mipi interface num
.sda_pins = {28, 0}, // enable sda_pins[camera_num], disable sda_pins[camera_num ? 0 : 1]
.scl_pins = {29, 1}, // enable scl_pins[camera_num], disable scl_pins[camera_num ? 0 : 1]
.led_pins = {30, 2},
.shutdown_pins ={31, 3},

Can this product use “mipi csi 4-lane” in compute module 3+ cam1 port?


CM3 just supports 2lane, I will test it for you and give you a detail operation steps today.

Thank you for your answer.

Does this mean that the function is not available even though the HARDWARE is configured?


Yes, Even if the camera’s hardware supports 4lans, but the Pi’s CSI interface just support 2lanes.

For CM3 platform. We just provide preview-camera0 demo. arducamstill does not support CM3 platform.


The circuit diagram shown is a circuit diagram of CM3+.
CAM1 PORT of CM3+ is also 4LANE, do you mean that this function is not available?