Combination for optimal Macro video

SKU: B024001 + LN054 + LN047 + LN041

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3b+, Lenovo PC, Arducam 12mp IMX477, Arducam standard lens, Arducam Telephoto lens, Arducam wide angle lens 6mm.

Instructions: SSH connection to RaspberryPi through PC, OpenCV3.5 running on windows (c++) with intention to do Machine Vision Algorithms on video stream.

Problems: I’m having a hard time detecting the particles i need to detect. I’ve tried to get it to focus but the resolution is not quite enough (vid:[email protected]). I’m having a hard time deducting which types of lenses i should use in combination with the camera to measure the particles i need (5-40µm)

What i’ve tried: I’ve used the standard lens that comes with the camera and telephoto lens, unfortunately these are not close to the desired resolution. Then i’ve tried flipping the wide angle lens to create a macro-lens with a 3D-printed mount to the sensor. This did not work either. I don’t really understand this since 12MP running with just x2 magnification should get us well below 40 µm/pixel

What i need help with: There’s many specifications for the cameras, and it seems there’s more to it than focal length and magnification. Which specifications do i need to look at when deciding which lens to use? And in addition to this, how fast is is possible to take 4k pictures would this even make sense?

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For issues related to lenses, please fill out the form and contact the appropriate professional.

It’s only for a prototype at the moment. Seemed like the form was way above the project scope. Thank you for the time.