Change streaming resolution directly in the ArduCam IMX477 USB camera

I use Arducam IMX477 USB for blob tracking on PC Win10. About 2 years ago I got my first one, which works perfectly in my SW at 80fps. I have now bought 3 new cameras completely identical to the original one, but tracking has dropped to 15fps. It looks like I need to lower the streamed resolution directly in the camera, does anyone have any idea how I can do this please? Thank you very much in advance!!!

Here’s a video demonstration of what’s going on. I have identical two cameras BO288 and UC-517 revD board. I get 80FPS with the first one and only 15FPS with the second one. Same default widows drivers. Anyone have any idea where the problem might be, please? Thank you very much in advance for any help!!


I see you also sent an email.
I will reply you in email.