Capture in Mode 1

Is there a way programmatically, using the mipi camera driver, to capture images in Mode 1 (8112 x 3040) vs. the default of Mode 0 (4056 x 3040).

I know this is possible using the command line using ./arducamstill -t 5000 -m 1 -o image.jpg, but I would like to modify something like the provided file (in MIPI_Camera/RPI/python) to trigger this capture at the higher resolution



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B0265R Arducam 12MP*2 Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit for Raspberry Pi, Two 12.3MP IMX477 Camera Modules with CS Lens and Camarray Stereo Camera HAT
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Raspberry Pi 4B 4gb
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In python code, please use fmt = camera.set_resolution(8112 x 3040) to change the resolution.


Thank you Bin, but when I set_resolution to 8112x3040 it throws these errors below.

My Pi gpu_mem is set to 256.

Have you perhaps seen this before that you might point me to the solution? I have not yet found it through search.

usrvcsm: [vcsm_malloc_cache]: [9433] [mmal_vc_port buffer]: ioctl mem-alloc FAILED [-1] (hdl: 0) usrvcsm: [vcsm_vc_hdl_from_hdl]: [9433]: invalid device or handle! usrvcsm: [vcsm_lock]: [9433]: invalid device or invalid handle! mmal: mmal_vc_shm_alloc: could not allocate 73982464 bytes of shared memory (handle 0) - mem (nil), vc_hdl 00000000 mmal: mmal_vc_port_payload_alloc: failed to allocate 73982464 bytes of shared memory mmal: mmal_pool_initialise_buffer_headers: failed to allocate payload 0/1 mmal: Failed to create isp output pool. Segmentation fault
Thank you.


Please set the gpu_mem to 400

Thank you for the quick reply.

I changed gpu_mem to 400, but that (alone) did not fix the issue and I continued to get the same error.

I found I also had to increase the limit of the contiguous memory allocator. In /boot/cmdline.txt I added the option cma=400M. Then rebooted and it worked.

Thanks to this post.

I offer it here in case anyone else has this same issue.

Oh, Great to hear that. Thanks for your sharing.

Oh, Great to hear that. Thanks for your sharing.