Cannot see low resolution mode

Hi, I just bought a IMX477 motorized focus module from UTRONICS.
And I installed and tested with Raspberry Pi 4.
I am using the RPI OS image (2020-08-20 버전) and the latest MIPI_Camera sw downloaded from here:

I have only “Mode 0” available as list_format reports:

what am I missing?

We have updated the MIPI_Camer library file, you can download and install it again and try to use it.

Thanks for your support.

After reloading library, I can see some more mode using list_format command.


Found sensor imx477 at address 1A
mode: 0, width: 4056, height: 3040, pixelformat: BA81, desc: (null)
mode: 1, width: 2028, height: 1520, pixelformat: BA81, desc: (null)
mode: 2, width: 1920, height: 1080, pixelformat: BA81, desc: (null)
index: 0, CID: 0x00980911, desc: V4L2_CID_EXPOSURE, min: 0, max: 65535, default: 1606, current: 2638
close camera status = 0

But there is no 640x480 resolution for speedy Auto focusing activity.
Can you help me for this low resolution ?


Sorry, we do not have a small resolution configuration for the time being. How do you use MIPI_Camera library to achieve autofocus? Can we discuss it?

After receiving the camera image, I designate a specific size of ROI, calculate the sharpness of the image by DFT analysis of the area, and adjust the AF motor with the result.
However, the performance of the Raspberry Pi is slow, so it would be better to process it as a video image of about 640x480 as much as possible.
If not, we plan to resize it.


Thank you very much for sharing the autofocus method.