Cannot find document for CM4 + IMX477 motorized camera


The system I have is:

  1. raspberry 4 B+ with IMX477 motorized autofocus camera
  2. CM4 + standard IO board + IMX477 motorized autofocus

First, using No.1 above, I proceeded with the code that the camera streaming and capture functions work. Most of them work fine.
And then, this is the process of changing to No.2 for commercial products over time.
In No. 1 and No. 2, only the raspberry board has been changed and the camera is the same.

Here’s what I did:

  1. A 22pin to 22pin B type cable is connected to CAM1.
  2. The dt-blob.bin sample file is loaded in the /boot directory
  3. Boot the board and the /dev/video0 device will appear.
    For reference, when initially connected to CAM0, video0 did not appear.
  4. No response to raspistill or arducamstill commands.

There aren’t too many organized data related to this, so I’m doing it while Googling, but I need an explanation of the organized document or method.
Thank you.