Cannot detect Arducam B0249 camera with Jetson Xavier NX



I recently received a brand new Jetson Xavier NX board and an Arducam B0249 camera but I’m having no luck getting the camera recognized or seeing any device /dev/video or similar. I was looking in the forums and on the Github issues last few days and I see that the driver was just recently updated to match the latest kernel, and from dmesg it seems that the IMX477 driver is working but there is an issue detecting the camera.

I was following the instructions available here:

Just in case I also inspected the flat cable, and I have detected a short between two of the channels, I’m attaching a photo below. Could this be the issue? This means that channel 5 and 6 (see count in photo) are shorted and I don’t know if this may have an effect, but they are shorted on both ends of the cable. Before digging further into the issue in the driver/software level I thought it may be simpler to start with the cable. Let me know if I should try to remove the short and otherwise let me know what steps to take to start debugging the connection!

Thank you kindly, appreciate help in solving this ASAP!





Closeup of channels of flat cable and a potential short

Hi @olivers ,

Can you provide your hardware connection diagram?
If the driver is successfully installed but the camera is not detected, there are several possibilities:

  1. Incorrect cable connection
  2. The cable is loose
  3. Cable damage
  4. The camera is damaged (very unlikely)

Hello wong,

Thanks for helping! Before looking into the connection, can you please confirm if there would be a problem with the short-circuit that I have in the cable? Then we can quickly identify if the cable is broken or not. As I show in the picture, counting from the top, channel 5 and 6 on the cable have a connection somewhere in the cable, I have verified this with a multimeter.

I’m also attaching new pictures showing how I have connected the camera and I’m pasting what I believe is the related log from dmesg below:

Part from dmesg:


i2c /dev entries driver
i2c i2c-2: Added multiplexed i2c bus 9
i2c i2c-2: Added multiplexed i2c bus 10
i2c-mux-gpio cam_i2cmux: 2 port mux on 3180000.i2c adapter
imx477 9-001a: tegracam sensor driver:imx477_v2.0.6
tegra-i2c 3180000.i2c: no acknowledge from address 0x1a
imx477 9-001a: imx477_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-121)
imx477 9-001a: board setup failed
imx477: probe of 9-001a failed with error -121
imx477 10-001a: tegracam sensor driver:imx477_v2.0.6
tegra-i2c 3180000.i2c: no acknowledge from address 0x1a
imx477 10-001a: imx477_board_setup: error during i2c read probe (-121)
imx477 10-001a: board setup failed
imx477: probe of 10-001a failed with error -121



Hello again,

A quick update/clarification. Looking at the picture again I realized channel 5 and 6 is not very clear. Based on the 22-pin connector on the camera board, There is a short-circuit on pin 17 and 10, as I drew with the white arrow on the picture. Looking at other IMX477 drawings, as I don’t have the datasheet for this camera, it looks like that may be shorting an important channel to ground? Please verify and I will try to remove the short-circuit in the cable.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @olivers

Yes, a short cable will affect the use of the camera.
I can’t confirm whether the cable is short-circuited from the previous picture, but you have checked it with a multimeter according to your description. So yes, a damaged cable will cause the camera to not work properly.
I will let our sales staff contact you.

Hi @olivers

Could you please send your Order # as well as the the shipping address to our [email protected]? They will send you 1pcs replacement then.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Hello @wong,

Thanks for the reply. I succeeded in cutting the bridge that short-circuited the cable, and after that the camera is detected, but it would be excellent to have a spare, uncut cable. Thank you, I will let my colleague who ordered the camera contact sales!


Hi @olivers

Is there any progress? Have you received a new cable?

Hello @wong,

I notified my colleague who ordered the camera about this and he will look into it. We ordered the camera via uctronics and it took a long time to receive it, hopefully they can ship a replacement cable soon. For now the cable works with my modification. Thanks for your support!


Hello wong,

Thanks for your help!