Cannot add a reply to a thread

I know that it probably doesn’t belong to this part of forum, but I didn’t found a better place. I have a problem with adding a reply to thread

When I click on Submit the page reloads but the reply is not added to the thread (or at least I can’t see it). It also increments Replies Created counter in my profile page.

Is problem on my side? How can I add replies?

Thank you

Hello Lukas,

The problem is on our side.

It seems that your previous reply has been set to a “pending approval” state automatically by the system, possibly because it includes a link (and recently there are a lot of spams stuffed with malicious links). Actually this very topic of yours is also set to pending approval because it includes the links to your reply.

We moderate the topics regularly but I’ve got to admit that sometimes we’ll forget about the replies. Now I have already approved the topics and replies. We will figure out a way to better sort out what’s spam and what’s not.

Thanks for your patience.