Camera Packaging - Lens

Sorry this seems silly, but I am visually handicapped and in the absence of any mention of any mention in the instructions, I am struggling to tell if there is any protective packaging on the camera lens, a disposable lens cap?. I suspect there is, because when I power the camera on, the image is dark and somewhat misty. Please could someone confirm if there is such packaging and how to remove it - I’m afraid of ‘picking away’ at it and damaging the autofocus mechanism.

If this is not the issue, please could someone suggest why the image is underexposed and what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance.

If you have the new 16mp autofocus camera, there is a protection cap on the camera. It has a transparant piece of plastic over the lense and foam/rubber around the lense. I believe it is red and was fairly easy to remove.

@Tangyduck Could you please provide the some pictures of the camera module you received, as well as the image you got from the camera? It would be much helpful for Arducam engineers to check for you.
Thank you.