Camera hat work with 16 Mp camera

As can be seen from the photos, Scenario Zero and Scenario 1 are Presentia) one (1) Raspberry 3b + b) one (1) Arducam Stereo HAT UC-625c board) two (2) Arducam UC-572 16MP mipi boards

From the designated specifications to the address:

" It also supports other Arducam Raspberry Pi cameras and a proprietary camera driver that works up to two 16MP. With the shared oscillator and I2C broadcasting, the two cameras are fully synchronized in the nano-second level. With the latest new coming Pi 4 hardware, Arducam makes more camera applications possible for Raspberry Pi. "

the card also supports the rooms in question.

We purchased this product just as far as we have read and the need to combine more cmos sensors of this caliber and now we are in a situation without documentation and tests and the time taken would seem not ready for what has been declared instead.

In the following images I expose the tests carried out.
In other tests, after setting the card as a switch and selecting CAM0 with the given examples, the system is unable to hook the image to be reproduced.






Please try the hardware i2c lib


Hi, I am having the same issue when trying to use it with two UC 599 Boards.

Hi I am having the same issue when trying to use two UC-599 camera module with sync hat.

Here is my output . Kindly suggest any fix. I am using the latest version of library.


Using our stereo hat should use our double cameras board. We did clock synchronization on the circuit.

You can’t use two imx298 directly, the clock is not synchronized, the encryption chip conflictst.