Camera capture with Arducam Stereo HAT

This is probably a simple question, but the instructions somehow are not clear on this to me. Before installing the Arducam stereo HAT 8MP, I used the normal PiCamera() function to capture a still photo every three seconds. Now I would like to do the same, but I would like the Arducam to take a stereo photo every three seconds. Which function do I use the capture a still in python using this HAT?


The picamera driver does not support our stereo camera hat for stereo photo.

You should use our MIPI_Camera driver. Getting it from here:


Hi Bin, thank you for your answer. I understand that picamera does not work, but I cannot seem to find out which function to use from the MIPI camera driver in Python… How do I simply take and save a still photo using Arducam stereo HAT with python?


Arducam MIPI_Camera has release python code demo. You can get it here

Int this folder, you can use to get an image. if you want to get stereo image.

Just choose stereo mode resolution using fmt = camera.set_resolution(width, height) API



Maybe a docker image would be a simple approach!



Sorry for my missing your questions.

Using MIPI_Camera library is very easy. If you want to use python demo.

Just need to do the following commands:

  1. Download the code:

git clone

2.Install the library :
cd MIPI_Camera/RPI

make install

  1. Running the python demo

cd python