Camarray suggested cameras configuration


I’m developing a 3d pose estimation software for sports, and given an athlete (almost static) I would like to put 4 cameras around him to be able to provide inmediate feedback using an screen and to run some opencv pose estimation, and record the 4 simultaneous and synched feeds.

I would need fullhd / 30fps on each camera full color, and each of the camera will need to be about 1-2 meters far from the main control.

I was thinking on using the camarray + some arducam hdmi extensors + 4 cameras, and here is where I don’t know (if) and which arducam cameras could be used. Also I noticed that you don’t provide the camarray hat alone so I would like to know what is the best way to get the needed hardware.

Thanks in advance


Which platform do you want to used on?



I was thinking on a raspi4 as I’m more used to them and I already have a lot of raspis (I have been collecting / using them since the first one). But I’m open to use a jetson or whatever is better.

Also, the raspi foundation has just released the compute module 4 that looks very promising, and the form factor is not bad for what I have in mind.

My idea is to do be able to show the 4 frames of the video on realtime for the athlete, and run a pose analysis using opencv also on realtime, so with some parameters it can show direct feedback (this kind of exercise is being done using a mirror, so that is my starting point)



We have not tested 4 1080p 30fps on the Pi4 platform. According to our experience, Using our 4-1 hat. it can run less than 30fps due to the comprehensive receiving performance of pi4. On jetson board it will be better.



Thanks for the information. As I already have some pi4, I don’t mind reducing the resolution at the early stages and if needed switch to a jetson system.

So, given that which cameras / camarray should I pick?

Are you going to sell a 4 cameras kit with more resolution and not only monochrome?

What do you think about the new CM4?



We are developing 4 cameras kits with full color and bigger resolution. We have not tested it on CM4 platform.

You can follow our website to get the latest sales news.



Ok then, thank you for the update and the good work

I will wait until you release the new kit.

I already have been following you waiting for the camarray, but I didn’t see any post regarding the actual release of the camarray, I noticed it searching directly.



What I mean is that we will release a 4-1 full color high frame rate board on Pi platform recently. But we have not used the camarray. I am willing to study with you about the camarray.



I’m not sure I understand it corretly.

Have you already released the 4-1 high frame rate board ? if yes, can you point me to the resource on your web so I can review?

What do you mean with “not used the camarray. I am willing to stody with you about the camarray”?

If I can buy a camarray and several full color cameras that could work I can make the tests, but as far as I know there is no way to buy the camarray without a kit and also the firmware should be adjusted to each use case. Am I wrong?



Sorry for my mislead your means. The camarray you said is arducam new multi adapter board.

We have not release new full color cameras version which is still in test phase and we are preparing software for release.

You can get a test video here



Looks very promising!!

Thanks for the explanation. I hope you can release the kit soon :slight_smile:


Now we are developing our own display application for the camarray. The hardware has been OK.

Again, thanks for the update.

I have read the camarray introductory post and I hope you can release the new kit with your own library soon (it would be perfect for xmas :slight_smile: )

One question, in my proyect I would need to set the cameras about 1-2 meters away of the control unit. What should be the best aproach?. Use long flat connections? or add 4 hdmi conversos so I can use hdmi cables as extensions? Would the performance affected?



We have not evaluated the relevant parameters, and the product is still in the testing stage.