Camarray HAT configuration of two camera

Relacing the main control platform and porting the device driver is a very important task.
Using QCS610 platform. I don’t know which sensor drive you are using. Are you sure the sensor drive is OK? I advise you refer to the RPI’s sensor driver firstly. Or you can test the sensor on rpi to check if the hardware is nromal.

Hi lvbin,
Thanks for your response.

Let me summarize my issue:
We have two arducam models Arducam IMX477 12MP PTZ (B0167B12) and Arducam 12MP*2 Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit (B0265R).
We do have configurations for 2 lanes for 1280x720 resolution and this is working fine with B0167B12 camera.

Now we have interfaced Arducam HAT (B0265R) with our platform and we can see three I2C slave as follow:

  1. 0x24
  2. 0x1A
  3. 0xC

We are able to read chip ID at 0x1A and it is correct (0x0477). We are configuring this camera as we did for B0167B12. But we are not able to get any data from sensor. I2C voltage is 3.3v. Are we missing anything here ?

Can you please also provide some suggestion to debug it further?

Vijay Patel

OK, Thanks for your detail summarization. I got it. Does it throw out any error message? such as embedded data missing.

Hi lvbin,

No, it does not throw any error. We are not getting any data at Rx side. We are also not getting LONG packets and short packets.

We are curious to know how sensor configurations are written to both the sensor as from our platform we can see only one slave ID 0x1A and we are writing configuration on it. But how those configurations are written to both the sensors at same time? We are suspecting sensor configurations are not written to sensors and thats why they are not streaming the data.

We are struggling here since two weeks. Is it possible for you to setup call and sync ? I think that would be easy and efficient way to discuss out this issue and resolve it.

Are you seeing any voltage level issue here ? or any sort of hardware issue? Same Arducam HAT module works fine with Raspberry Pi platform we have.

Strange part is we are able to read the chip ID of the sensor so we are assuming voltage levels are OK and HAT is powered correctly.

Vijay Patel

Using the hat, the two camera are connected to the same i2c bus and they are the same slave address. so only one 0x1A is normal. They share the same clock, when we write data to the 0x1A, both of the them are configured normal.
We have also had clients who have had issues with hat not working on other platforms before.
Unlike the RPI’s platform,for some platform, the CSI driver need to read embedded data. Maybe you can try to reconfig the CSI driver to ignore the embedded data to retry.