Camarray – Arducam 1MP (Monochrome) Quadrascopic Camera Current Consumption?

I’m looking to compare the current consumption of running 4 (OV9281, 1MP) cameras simultaneously with the Camarray on Raspberry Pi 3,4 running at 30 FPS.

My own estimate assumes 200mAh for each camera + ~500-700mAh for the RPI => 1300-1500mAh total?

  • OV9281 camera max current listed here
  • RPI estimate based on current consumption measured of various RPis shooting 1080p video listed on here.

Is this a reasonable estimate?

hi, @user123

Your estimate is too high.

The power consumption of a single OV9281 is about 0.16w, and the power consumption of four OV9281+HAT is about 0.8w.

I believe the voltage for the camera slot on any Pi is 3.3V, so you’re saying the power consumption in mAh is ~240, correct?