Board Arducam ESP32S UNO PSRAM I2C protocol issues

I am trying to get the time from a simple real time module that uses I2C protocol. I get the RT module to work with and ESP32 DEV board, but not with the Arducam PSRAM board. It looks like the SDA/SLC pins are not used/read/working?. I just bought the second arducam board thinking maybe i damaged the first one I used for a while.

Commands I am using is just including Wire.h, calling wire.begin in the setup proc and then

Wire.write(0); // set DS3231 register pointer to 00h
Wire.requestFrom(DS3231_I2C_ADDRESS, 7);

On the Arducam board I get the same readout that I get from ESP Dev chip if I disconnect all the wires.

Do I need to do something special here to initialize the I2C protocol?

Thanks, Joe



Please attach me your hardware setup.

For the Arducam ESp32S psram board, the i2c pin are 21 and 22.

static const uint8_t SDA = 21;
static const uint8_t SCL = 22;

Please ensure which pin you have connected your DS3231 module to.


I don’t want to hijack this thread but I am also having I2C issues on this board. I have a sparkfun SAM-M8Q module connected to the 3.3v, GND and SDA/SCL pins. What is the I2C pullup resistance on the board currently? Wondering if I need to remove the pullups on the SAM-M8Q.




I am very very for missing your problems. Have you solved your i2c issue?