Binning for B&W images

Hello, for my application I only need B&W images.

Is it possible to bin RGB together before saving the image?

Some of the avantagnes that I can think of:

  • shorter exposure

  • Faster image capture

  • Less data for storage/transfer


Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you.

Please tell me more detail information. what’s the platform and the which type interface of the

camera you want to use?

Hi Bin,


I’m using the UC-625 stereo hat with two 8 MP cameras on a raspberry pi. Like I said, color is not needed for my application and binning color channels for a B&W image would be nice.


Due to the 8MP is raw sensor and we does not have ISP process. So we can’t get the B&W image for you. Sorry for not help you. Recently we will release new ISP camera which support B&W and grey mode. I think that camera will meet your requirement.