B0251 imx477 mini (Raspberry or x86)

Hi, i buyed this camera from robotshop.com, the only reselleser in Germany.
The problem is, i didn’t noticed, that this version doesnt have a crypto chip, compared to the B0261 camera.

And before i throw it away, because I can’t return it and a cm4 is sold out for forever, i wanted to ask if the csi-uvc module, will work with this camera?

The csi-uvc module would allow me even to use it on x86 platforms like a intel nuc. I need this camera for a 3d printer :see_no_evil:

Thank you!

Can you provide a link to this module? I need to confirm which module it is.


This one. Thank you

Aaah, sry, i mean this cai uvc module:

Or this: (same)


The CSI-UVC camera adapter board you mentioned cann’t used for the B0251 you purchased.

Is there any technical reason? I thought this board wirks with all imx477 sensors 🤦