B0205 Windows Python Example


Does anyone have an example of using the B0205 camera or USB UVC Webcams in python on Windows? Following examples online I get a max frame rate of 25-28 fps when it’s supposed to be 30 fps. No amount of code tweaking seems to solve this. When running multiple cameras at the same time the frame rate doesn’t decrease making me think that it’s not a hardware spec issue.



When you test with amcap on windows, can the frame rate reach 30? For python examples you can refer to the link below:How to access Arducam UVC Cameras using OpenCV, Python, and Media Foundation on Windows


Yes, the frame rate ranges from 27-32 fps when using amcap. As my code is the same as the example, does this mean that it has something to do with openCV?

Also, do you know how to change the serial number/name when using multiple cameras? The software from the website just says “device not found” for this camera.

Thanks for the help!