B0202 — Cannot use multiple cameras at the same time

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x86 Computer
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6.What problems are you experiencing?

I would like to use 3 B0202 cameras at the same time and I found out that they all have the same Vendor IDs-Product IDs and Serial IDs. Is there a way to change the serial IDs or is there another way to use multiple cameras at the same time?


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It’s also worth to mention that I cannot select the cameras from /dev/video so I need a unique factor which will define each camera.


You can refer to the link below and use the tools we provide to modify the serial number of the camera.




B0202 is not supported yet for this application. I have checked this out before. I was wondering if there is another way to change the serial number.




Please send your question to the support mailbox, and we will provide you with a new firmware. The new firmware will support the above tools to modify the serial number.