B0197 UVC camera not working in Android

We bought a B0197 UVC camera and we have some problems:

  • we connetcted it to a computer running w10 and tested with the application without problems

  • we connected the cam to an android smartphone (4 different ones) but we are not able to make it work. It seems to be recognized, but we are not able to see images. We need it to make the vamera work with Android OS.

Can you help and suggest?

Have you open the OTG feature on android?

and what is the APP you are using to get the image feed and what configuration (like format(YUV/MJPEG) and resolution) you are using?


I do not find any specific configuration for the OTG on the phones. I have run OTG Checker (specific application to check if phone is compatible and the result is OK). Phones are: LGK2017, Redminote7 and a rugged Android terminal

For the application, I have used “USB camera” . Could you suggest best settings?

By the way, we have seen that the adapter should be a specific OTG USB adapter. Can you confirm?.

USB Camera App

Is it convenient for you to include a screen record of how the app is running on your phones? You can uninstall the app and do a fresh install for the recording.

Since the cameras works on the desktop and you are using the same app with our test app, I think there could have been something to do with the app setting/configuration.

Hi Lee,

App has meny settings. Since I have seen the video where you plug the camera on android device, plesa give us the proper app and the settings. Regards Giorgio

Can you please attach a USB flash drive/mouse/keyboard to your Android device so we can at least know whether the OTG is working? We’ve not encounterd issues like this on Android, and we might have to know if it’s a hardware issue.

Hi Lee,

otg is working. We can explore a USB flash drive attached to the phone. So it is not a phone hardware related issue.


I have a B0196 UVC camera. I have the same issue with you that I couldn’t connect with my android.

Do you have any updates?


dEan Seo

  1. check that your android phone supports USB OTG (there is an app to check)

  2. connect camera with an OTG connector (very few euros)

  3. connect and use app above for viewing camera

Apologies for my late reply because lately we’ve been busy with launching new products.

As I’ve mentioned above, can you please provide an video or an screen record of using the app with your phones, so that we can work together to try to solve this problem?

Also I feel sorry because we’ve really not encountered this issue before, and even if we cannot get this resolved, we would still like to see how it’s not working.


Is there a way to use the camera multiplexer to support 3 cameras on a Raspberry Pi with a Android OS loaded? We have to use Android on the Pi due to a special SDK and we need to support 3 - 8MP cameras for still photos?

Thank you



We are trying to develop the driver for our muti-adapter board on Android OS.




Is there an estimated timeline that Arducam may have the driver for our muti-adapter board on Android OS?