Auto White Balance & Exposure fail with python binding for Stereo HAT

When I run the, I got this dark and greenish frames and the only logs are:

nmal: Failed to fix lens shading, use the default mode!
Looks like the python binding not working so well, what's wrong? Is there an API doc somewhere?

Note: It works like a charm when using ./arducamstill


JC Ruel


The fix was easy, they though about it. Just need to add:



Would be awesome to control them manually though. Also, the max gain is not high enough. My phone gives me way better result at night under few lamps than the arducam cameras.

JC Ruel



We are optimizing our demo in order to help users fine tuning image quality.

At present, you can use arducamstill command to tune the image quality.

you can use A/W/S/D key to adjust the Rgain and B gian you can use direction key to adjust exposure time and focus. For the detail user guide, please visit