Auto Exposure on Camarray

1.Which seller did you purchase the product(s) from?
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Jetson Nano
4.Which instruction are you following?
Online documentation
5.Has your product ever worked properly?
It works
6.What problems are you experiencing?
I am wanting to use the camera to capture data whilst transitioning from an inside to an outside environment. When I set the exposure such that I can get a clear view when inside, the exposure is far too high to be able to capture anything when I move outside (completely white screen). The same issue occurs if I increase the exposure manually when outside - when I return inside the exposure is far too low so I get a completely black image.


Is there any way to use autoexposure with these cameras? I have attempted to use the function cap.set(cv2.CAP_PROP_AUTO_EXPOSURE,1) however this just gives me VIDEOIO ERROR: V4L2: property auto_exposure is not supported.
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Hi @jamesheaton

Unfortunately, this camera does not have ISP support, so it does not provide automatic exposure.

@wong this is fine. I am looking to do some sort of auto exposure solution in software. Could you please let me know what the units of the exposure values are please?


When I run v4l2-ctl --list-ctls I see that exposure has a minimum value of 0, and a max value of 65535. What are the units of this? I am guessing microseconds but can you confirm this please.

Hi @jamesheaton

In fact, the unit of exposure control here is “one line”. Here are some references to help you understand: