Ardustill failing with init camera status = 4099 on board revsion c03115


Using your single board IMX298 on multiple Pi 4s, I have my own code (using failing.

I downloaded and did a make build and make install on the latest download from Github.

Running ardustill returns the following output

[email protected]:~/MIPI_Camera-master-3/RPI $ ./arducamstill 
Open camera...
init camera status = 4099

I had the same problem about a year ago, and it was fixed following this forum thread [1] where the issue was triggered by a new revision of the Pi hardware. Following that thread, I rand the i2c utility:

[email protected]:~/MIPI_Camera-master-3/RPI $ utils/camera_i2c 
setting GPIO for board revsion: c03115
utils/camera_i2c: 204: utils/camera_i2c: utils/rpi3-gpiovirtbuf: Permission denied
Use i2c-10 for the sensor (-y 10)

This board revision (c03115) is not one I’ve seen before so it seems not unlikely that an update is required to the driver .so file.

Can you please confirm if the issue is that the driver requires an update, or if you think that is an unrelated issue, so that I may continue problem solving at my end in the later case, or request an updated driver in the former.

Many thanks

[1] init camera status = 4099 on IMX298 (16 MP) ArduCAM running on Pi 4B 8GB - #9 by planetprophet

We no longer maintain the MIPI_Camera. And we recommend you use the libcamera+pivariety camera.
We have both old and new versions of the imx298 camera. The new one is the pivariety camera
with microcontroller which is unsupported for the MIPI_Camera. It can only use libcamera.
The old version with the encryption clip is not the pivariety camera, and it can use arducamstill -t 0.