Arduino MEGA2560 R3 and arducam 5MP OV5642

Good afternoon everyone,

I am completely new to Arduino programming and I have started a project for building an underwater ROV.

For that, I want to use a camera to get real life image in the computer. My intention is to activate / deactivate the camera by clicking a button on the laptop keyboard.

I recently bought a 5MP OV5642 camera (see link:

However, I have no idea on how to connect it to Arduino MEGA board and how to program it.

I am sorry if this question has been asked previously, but, I would appreciate your feedback.




Please refer to this link.


Thanks for that. I have connected the SCL and SDA at the correct ports, however, since the model of the camera I am using is different than the one in the thread you provided the link to, I have to connect some additional ports. Please see attached picture.

Apart from connecting it, I have been looking for a code that can be used for this type of arducam. Can I use that one?

The problem is that the camera I have is not the mini and I cannot really understand where in this code the user defines the pin inputs and outputs.

Thanks in advance for your time.

I have not used used Arduino before, so I would appreciate any advise.




Your OV5642 camera module has a parallel interface, it can’t be connected to Arduino directly. So you need to use our Arduino Camera Shield to connect to Arduino board.

If you want to connect the OV5642 directly to Arduino please check Arducam mini 5MP Plus camera module.