arducamstill won't work and disables ethernet

Even after many attempts from scratch and following the instructions by the letter, I can’t get arducamstill to work. The hardware is a Raspberry PI 4 8GB, the Arducam 12MP Synchronized Stereo HAT bundle and a Samsung EVO 32GB micro SD. I only get a flickering and blurry screen. If moving any object in front of the cameras the blur changes, so it seems the cameras work in some way. The installation instructions of the arducam quick\k start and the github page for the SDK are almost the same, except the following lines under the subject PI4 platform:
cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb

The result of the blurry screen is the same (using those line during installation or not), but if used - as soon as I run arducamstill the Ethernet drops out completely.
Does anyone has an idea what to do (seems like a problems with i2c…) to get it running?
another question I have is if the arducam system can be used with gstreamer.
Would very much appreciate any help!


What’s your firmware version? For the old version it does exist the Ethernet drops when the i2c0 is used.

Please download the new firmware and try it again.

In the video2stdout.c example, it outputs H.264 video stream to stdout, and uses gstreamer to push the stream to PC.

Getting the detail steps here


It also disables Ethernet for me

Please run the ‘uname -a’ command to check your firmware version. I advise you use the new firmware image here the version firmware should be 5.4.51