Arducam with Orange Pi

Hi all.
I would like to move some products, using ArduCAM IMX219/IMX447 from Raspberry 4B (impossible to find in market) with Orange PI 4 LTS (RK3399).

At cable level the camera modules are incompatibile (15/22 pins to 30 pins of Orange Pi 4 LTS).
Signals are all available however.

There is some module or cable compatibile with Orange PI 4 LTS ?

Thank you in advance for help

We have not made compatibility with Orange Pi so far.

Thank you for reply.
I hope to find some compatible cable connector in market at moment.

The connector is the smallest problem drivers,overlays,tuning is what is expensive and hard

Apart from rare exceptions or individual pieces appearing in spots, Raspberry products are virtually unobtainable (or at prices now so inflated as to border on the ridiculous).

Wouldn’t it be better for Arducam, as a MIPI camera supplier to support or pave the way for supporting other cores, e.g., RK3399 or later, since they are found without problems mounted on many SBCs ?

Those, like me, who are using MIPI cameras for industrial applications and who have “trusted” to base their production on Raspberry platform are really losing a lot of orders and money.


Sorry sir.
Perhaps you’re right.

But I am only a member of the technical department and have no right to interfere with this part of the business.

If you have any good ideas, you can contact [email protected]