ArduCAM USB3.0 Camera Shield not UVC compatible?

I bought 2x B0111 USB3.0 Camera Shields expecting them to present a camera connected to it as a UVC camera - silly me for assuming that would work :frowning:

@wong Can you please explain why it can’t do that? Seems like an obvious thing to support. Is it a limitation on the cameras? Isn’t it just an interface protocol?

I bought a MT9J001 and MT9F001 to use with the 2x USB shields, and again, like my 21MP IMX230 camera I bought at the same time, I am unable to use these in openCV with Python on a rPI.

Maybe you need to list on the product pages for these devices what it is and isn’t compatible with.


Sorry for your bad experience,
USB3.0 Camera Shields are not UVC cameras,
The camera it supports outputs RAW data (not YUV or MJPG), which is mainly used for special purposes that require RAW format, not a common UVC camera, (in addition, UVC cameras do not support RAW format)