ArduCAM SDK support for aarch64

Hi, I’m trying to build the External_trigger_demo example on a Raspberry Pi 4 running 64-bit Ubuntu Mate 20.04 (aarch64). I’m not sure there are ArduCAM SDK pre-built libraries for this OS and platform (aarch64).

Could you let me know if a ArduCAM SDK for aarch64 can be provided?


You need to post your error. I personally got it to work with Ubuntu 18.04 (aarch 64)

@chutsu can you share how you were able to get this to work?

I’m also interested in a 64-bit version of the ArducamSDK for the Raspberry Pi. The USB shield can’t really be used on newer models of the Pi and the newer Raspberry Pi 64-bit OS because of this.

Hi @jason_a

You can try to use the SDK under Jetson, which was compiled under aarch64.

My goodness, I didn’t think to check the Jetson folder, of course! Thank you very much for the help.

This is actually our problem.
We currently do not have a good directory structure.
We are planning to modify it, but the time has not yet been determined.

@wong, I am able to at least load that shared object file but I notice it is compiled under Python 2 still. Unfortunately a lot of pip wheels are only available on Python 3 these days since Python 2 reached end of life a year and a half ago. Is there any estimate on when a version compiled for Python 3 might be available? I will try to work around this for the time being. Thanks!

There are two python .so files in the Jetson directory, one is python2.7 and the other is python3.6. Other python versions are temporarily not available.