ArducaM PTZ 8MP B01678

I have brought an Arducam PTZ 8 mp camera . While operating it and running , the display have a red color as shown in the image attached. Also I’m doing a servo tracking pan and tilt experiment using object detection. so I

want to kindly know how to operate the servos using python in visual studio. Also please reply about that color problem.


try this:

Thank you for the information. Now it became clear. Is there any code to operate servos ? for pan and tilt tracking.


try the link below

Actually I used this one time but * python3 -m pip install ./libcamera-1.0.2-cp39-cp39-linux_armv7l.whl’ this code was not working . So i used the below mentioned link to install the software.

But the thing is that how will I operate servos in a visual studio using python.


I don’t understand what you mean.

Do you mean the code is not working?

Or you don’t want to control by way of an interface?

If you want to control it yourself, you can use our wrapped class.

For your inability to install our latest package, you can send me a screenshot of your error message.
and give me you python version

python3 --version

My python version is Python 3.7.5.
Actually I can operate and change the angles of servos by using the code “python” and the arducam controller is working well.
But I want your kind attention on, how will I enable this servos in centering and object detection using python in a visual studio environment.


in centering and object detection

We do not currently write examples of this. Our cameras can do what you want, but you will need to do your own development.

Or you can contact [email protected]

Ok sir. Thank you. Can you tell how can we control the zoom motor automatically while camera is running other than using


All your operations can be based on the class
You can see that our examples are all based on this class.

For all your other uses, you need to do your own development, we provide only the most basic features.