Arducam OV9281 - SKU:B0223 - What is the focal length of the included lens


I have recently received the Arducam OV9281 camera module for the Jetson Nano which includes the JatVariety board.

I have got the camera up and running with my Jetson Nano and it works well giving me good images for my project.

Upon looking into the detail on the camera module and included lens I cannot seem to find a focal length listed, only field of view(FOV) information.

Does anyone know what the focal length is for the included lens on this camera module in mm? The product SKU is B0223, any help would be appreciated.




Sorry for my late reply. The following is the lens’s detail information
Focal length 2.4mm, F2.0, 1/2.8’’


Brilliant thank you for the information.



You are welcome.