Arducam OV9281 camera driver installation problems


I am trying to install the drivers from this tutorial to use V4L2 commands (section 7):

But I am facing some issues. I use RPI 3B and Kerner version is: 5.4.51-v7+. The camera board is UC-580 Rev.C with OV9281 sensor.

When I insert $ ./
I got “bash: ./ no such file or directory”

Then I go to manual installation and when I enter the following part

Compile the device tree for the OV9281 camera:
sudo dtc -I dts -O dtb -o /boot/overlays/arducam-OV9281.dtbo arducam-OV9281.dts
I receive: “FATAL ERROR: Couldn’t open “arducam-OV9281.dts”: No such file or directory”

I am doing something wrong?

I had already installed the driver before in this rpi, so I need to erase everything and intall again to update the device tree?

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Eduardo Ronchi

Hi @Ronchi ,

This driver is no longer maintained a long time ago, you can use this SDK now:

So the arducam module has no V4L2 complience?? I can only work with it by the SDK?

Hi @Ronchi ,

For now, yes.
The old version of the v4l2 driver has been deprecated for some reason.

Hello @wong,

Thanks for the info. May you tell me which CCD part number is used in this sensor module (UC-580 Rev.C with OV9281 sensor)?

Hi @Ronchi ,

what do you mean “CCD part number”?
The CCD sensor model is ov9281.

Ah, ok. Thanks.

Can you share the hardware layout of this module?


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Arducam just provide schematic diagram.