ArduCam OV5642 raw image returns a byte array almost entirely filled with 0x04

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I’m following the ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_Plus_OV5642_RAW Arduino example and it appears to work but everytime I get a byte array that’s almost entirely filled with 0x04 and a few 0x03.

Has anyone seen this before? Any advice on how to get actual picture data?
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Thanks for your contacting us.

I advise you test videostreaming demo firstly to check if the camera is nomal.


Thanks for your quick response!

The video demo works correctly and the camera even takes JPEG pictures just fine but raw images are not working correctly.


Can the RAW images you save be displayed normally? Does the serial port output wrong debugging information during the saving process?

My purpose for getting a raw image was to get the brightness value but I’ve since found that there’s an automatic YAVG calculation to get the brightness. But I’ve seen that this value changes throughout the process of initializing the camera through taking the actual picture, so now my question is, at what point in the Arduino example is the true value of YAVG taken to determine the auto exposure settings? And at what point is the exposure set when using auto exposure?

Also, I am pulling the YAVG value from register 5690, is that correct?


I have not obtained the YAVG value as you described, but I have checked the manual and the register 0x5690 you described seems to be OK.