Arducam OV2640 Mini is not starting

I have bought ArduCam OV2640 Mini (SPI) and I am trying to make first start with demo example and ArduCam_Host_V2. In host software I am getting an info about SPI error.
Everything is connected due to example and compilation was OK. I am using ordinary Arduino UNO board. May I ask for your suggestion how to solve this problem ?

Thank you in advance

I would like to apologize all. I have discovered my foult with connection to Arduino UNO.
ArduCam OV2640 has started to make photos. I am trying to play with it. Excuse me.

Kind regards

I’m glad to hear you solve the problem, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for replying me. I have a questions, but perhaps is better to start a new post because it is not about a failure while starting.


Perhaps one more question here.
I was thinking that I have bought OV2640 Mini 2MP Plus (product code: B0067) and I have uncomented this model in memorysaver.h file, Unfortunatelly I have got an info about mistakes during compilation in Arduino IDE and then a have changed to Mini 2MP only. Then compilation was OK.

What is the difference between this two models

Now I have checked my camera (it is good to read this forum to know where the name is written on a camera). I have found a name below the lens.

Recently I can confirm that I have Plus module, but when I ancomment this module in memorysaver.h like this:

I am getting immediately this result:

After return to 2MP model (not Plus) everything starts to go.

Do I make something wrong ?


2mp plus is an upgraded version of 2mp, currently 2mp is no longer on sale. From your screenshot, you can find that you opened 2mp plus in memorysaver.h, and the example used is the 2mp example. You only need to use the 2mp plus example.

Thanks a lot. I have noticed my foult. Now here is no any foult.
Thank you again

You are welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.