Arducam OV2640 auto set light mode produces an un-useable image

OV2640 set light is defined as

void ArduCAM::OV2640_set_Light_Mode(uint8_t Light_Mode)
#if (defined (OV2640_CAM)||defined (OV2640_MINI_2MP)||defined (OV2640_MINI_2MP_PLUS))

case Auto:
wrSensorReg8_8(0xff, 0x00);
wrSensorReg8_8(0xc7, 0x00); //AWB on


Unlike the rest of the set light settings, the image produced is un-useable.
Is 0xc7, 0x00 correct?
Examination of ov2640_regs.h, shows references to 0xc7, 0x10

Is there an online reference to confirm the correct value for OV2640 auto setting?


For detailed register configuration, please refer to the official recommended configuration. If some configurations cannot take effect, the original manufacturer’s support is required.

The configuration document is as follows


Thanks, the manual is very useful.

It shows that (0xc7, 0x10) (page 12) switches on simple AWB - Simple White Balance.

I can not find an explanation of Light balance Auto on page 14
write_SCCB(0xc7, 0x00); //AWB on.

This contradicts page 12 and could explain the bizare results from setting 0xc7 to 0.


I think you are right. Due to the confidentiality of the original OV, we do not have a complete manual, only the register reference configuration. The meaning of each bit of the above register is actually not clear to us.