Arducam Mini OV2640 does not bring up the camera’s video

I am testing my Arducam Mini OV2640 using the tutorial software by following the steps in this video.

When I try running the Arducam_host_V2 app to test the Arducam_mini_2MP_OV2640_functions it does not bring up the camera’s video, and there are no actions after opening the COM. All the libraries are installed and copied to the Arduino libraries folder, my USB drivers are up to date (it can detect that it is an Arduino UNO), and the Arducam is properly wired to the Arduino. I do not know what else could be causing this issue.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


It could be a baud rate or the wrong COM problem. Please make sure that the baud rate setting is consistent with that set in the code.Better send a screenshot of where you made a mistake.