Arducam Mini 5MP Plus OV5642: Exposure time calculation

1.Which seller did you purchase the product(s) from?
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Arduino UNO R3
4.Which instruction are you following?
Following ArduCam’s instructions and OmniVision’s OV5642 datasheet
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Dear ArduCam team,

I have an ArduCam Mini 5MP Plus OV5642 that is working quite well for the applications that I am working on (which involve manual control of the exposure). However, once having validated the control of the exposure through registers 0x3500-0x3502, I need to characterise the actual exposure time that the values that I am putting in these registers map to. I looked into the datasheets from:

ArduCam (
OmniVision (

and I was not able to compute the actual exposure time from the frame lines*16 that I am introducing in the registers. Looking around, seems that there is a correlation between exposure time and the pixel clock but I see that the pixel clock is marked by a signal fed into OV5642 via the H6 pin which, I assume, is hardcoded and generated by the ArduChip.

My questions here are:

Do you know how to pass from frame lines*16 to exposure time?
In case you don't, do you know what the missing parameter(s)/information to calculate the exposure time is and to who I should refer to? (Omnivision?)

Thank you very much!
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Answering these questions


The calculation of exposure time involves many parameters, and you need a detailed data sheet to calculate with the register configuration you use. The calculation process is a bit complicated. The easiest way is to seek official technical support from Omnivision. They have a software tool that can directly output the exposure time with an input configuration.