Arducam Mini 2MP on Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 iot

Does anyone have a working example of an Arducam Mini 2MP (or any other SPI camera module) working with Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 iot? Preferably, but not necessarily, written in C#?

Problem of getting past the SPI connectivity test resolved. Initially, I was wiring the Arducam Mini to the Raspberry Pi through a Digilent PMOD Hat. I did this because I had successfully used this setup to work with PMOD modules and Raspberry Pi, including using SPI, but apparently the hat got in the way of the communication with the Arducam Mini. Alternatively, when I rewired the Arducam Mini into the Raspberry Pi without the hat, I fixed an undetected problem with my initial wiring attempt …


We have not used Mini 2MP on the windows 10 iot of the Raspberry Pi yet, we will test it later if we have time.

Let me know if you need more help.